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August 9,
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August 4, 2022, KST
SessionChairman:Anatoliy IvantsovCH 106-107
SlotCategoryNameTalk TitleTimeline*
FM 10-1InvitedHamed Valizadegan ExoMiner: A Highly Effective Deep Learning Classifier to Mine Exoplanets10:30+30 min
FM 10-1InvitedAndrew Vanderburg (remote)Enhancing and Optimizing TESS’s Scientific Output using Machine Learning11:00+30 min
FM 10-1Contrib.Rob WittenmyerMINERVA-Australis: A Southern TESS follow-up machine11:30+15 min
FM 10-1Contrib.Sebastián Zúñiga-Fernández (remote)SPECULOOS: Hunting exoplanets of ultracool dwarfs with 1-meter ground-based telescopes network11:45+15 min
Lunch time
Session Chairman:Anatoliy IvantsovCH 106-107
FM 10-2InvitedJessie Christiansen (remote)Exoplanet Demographics: Exploring the Multiplicity of Planetary Systems13:30+30 min
FM 10-2InvitedErnst De Mooij (remote)Characterising the atmospheres of exoplanets using high-resolution transmission spectroscopy14:00+30 min
FM 10-2Contrib.William WelshUsing Small Telescopes to Photometrically Determine the Masses of Tatooine Planets14:30+15 min
FM 10-2Contrib.Zouhair Benkhaldoun (remote)Small telescopes and big projects14:45+15 min
Session Chairman:William ThuillotCH 106-107
FM 10-3InvitedSiegfried EgglSolar System Science opportunities with the Vera C. Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time15:15+25 min
FM 10-3InvitedFederica Spoto (remote)The Gaia Follow Up Network: state of the art and future objectives15:40+25 min
FM 10-3InvitedStephen Gwyn (remote)Recycling photons: The uses of archives in solar system searches16:05+25 min
FM 10-3Contrib.Anatoliy IvantsovAstrometric bias due to overlapping image profiles in the focal plane and its removal in the positions of near-Earth asteroids16:30+15 min
August 9, 2022, KST
Session Chairman:David HobbsCH 106-107
FM 10-4InvitedAshish MahabalSearching Solar System and Exoplanetary Bodies the Data Science Way10:30+30 min
FM 10-4InvitedJean-Eudes Arlot (remote)NAROO: a New Astrometric Reduction of Old Observations11:00+30 min
FM 10-4Contrib.Teymoor SaifollahiPrecovery and risk assessment of the hazardous Near-Earth Objects in large astronomical surveys11:30+15 min
FM 10-4Contrib.Svitlana KolomiyetsData docking in meteor research11:45+15 min
Lunch time
Session Chairman:Myung-Jin KimCH 106-107
FM 10-5InvitedMarco Micheli (remote)High precision astrometry of small solar system bodies13:30+20 min
FM 10-5InvitedMatthew LehnerThe Transneptunian Automated Occultation Survey – TAOS II13:50+20 min
FM 10-5InvitedJulia de León (remote)Understanding asteroids from their spectra. Asteroid taxonomies: benefits and limitations14:10+20 min
FM 10-5Contrib.Ivan Slyusarev (remote)Search for M-type dominated asteroid families14:30+15 min
FM 10-5Contrib.Said HmiddouchComposition and activity of comets with TRAPPIST telescopes14:45+15 min
Session Chairman:Myung-Jin KimCH 106-107
FM 10-6InvitedJosef ĎurechAsteroid photometry and its interpretation15:15+20 min
FM 10-6InvitedEric MacLennan (remote)Significance of shapes and spins in the thermophysical modeling of asteroids15:35+20 min
FM 10-6InvitedAlberto Cellino (remote)Asteroid Polarimetry in the Gaia Era15:55+20 min
FM 10-6Contrib.Hee-Jae LeeLight curve survey of the asteroids with KMTNet16:15+15 min
FM 10-6Contrib.Gulchehra KokhirovaSynergy of Small Telescopes for Asteroid (6478) Gault Observations in Tajikistan and Slovakia16:30+15 min
* The allocated time is the total time of the talk including answers to the questions. We kindly ask speakers to foresee at least 3-5 minutes for a few questions, e.g., if the allocated time is 15 min. then the talk itself can be 12 min. and 3 min. for answering the questions.

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