Guidelines for speakers

We would like to emphasise the next points published by the LOC:

  • e-Talk is a pre-recorded video presentation of 10-12 minutes recommended length. This is NOT part of the sessions but published on “e-Talk Gallery” on the official website. e-Talk presenters are not required to produce a poster but to produce a video instead.
  • e-Posters are similar to conventional posters but posted on “e-Poster Gallery” on the official website, Additionally, e-Poster may include an audio file and/or a short summary video (less than 3 minutes uploaded via YouTube) as desired.
  • Only in-room & remote talks are presented during parallel oral sessions.
  • For the e-talk gallery, videos of prerecorded talks (mp4) should be uploaded through YouTube links by July 15, 2022. Presentation files (pdf) can be uploaded in addition to the videos (optional). If there are changes made to the final version after July 15, please contact the secretariat via email at
  • The meeting platform will provide “web-based e-Talk gallery” and “web-based e-Poster gallery”, where registrants can watch the videos of pre-recorded talks and posters anytime.

We kindly ask you to check a few slides prepared by the LOC.